Thank you Parentlogy for this post and information.

If you come across words in your kids texts and instagram or snap chat posts that you may not be aware off.  You may want to check them below. We will keep adding to this list as we get more information.

1. KMS/KYS – Kill Myself/Kill Yourself

2. WTTP – Want to Trade Pics? ( Be mindful this usually implies inappropriate pictures)

3. FWB – Friends with Benefits

4. TDTM – Talk Dirty to Me

 5. 99 – Parents are gone

6. MOS/POS – Mom/Parent Over Shoulder

7. Thirsty – Desperate for Attention

8. Lit/Turnt Up – Party Hard, Get High or Drunk

9. Zerg – to Gang Up or Bully on Someone (Usually Online)

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