Mallory Grossman, a 12 year-old 6th Grade New Jersey middle school student died in a “suspected Suicide” in June 2017. Her parents stated that she was being bullied on social media and her friends concurred by saying she was being bullied on Snapchat.

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Every day in the US there are 5240 suicide attempts by children in 7th-12th Grade. According to the CDC although there are many triggers such as teen depression, academic pressure, family relationships etc. Bullying remains the number two cause of teenage suicide. The steps below identify some of the precautions parents can take in an attempt to keep our children safe from cyber bullying.

Precautions Against Cyber Bullying

  • Have access to your child’s PW and Account Logins. (Make this a requirement before you hand them their first device).
  • Have a device curfew at night. All devices need to be charged in an adult’s room i.e. the parent or guardian. This prevents and protects preteens and younger teenagers from being surrounded with and exposed to social media and hence potential cyber bullying all the time.
  • Monitor your child’s devices and keep yourself updated on app’s being used by today’s youth.
  • Block/ unfriend the person’s email or phone account who has been “bullying” your child.
  • Remember to tell them “this is not your fault! So don’t hide it.”
  • Teach your children words can hurt and kill so be careful of what you say to other people.